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Bob Kartous

Director, Prague Innovation Institute


Director, Prague Innovation Institute

Bob Kartous is a professional provocateur of public debate. Being an expert on education advancement his opinion pieces are published in various Czech media, and he regularly provides commentary regarding the development in the Czech educational system. He is the author of the book No Future: Are we taking our children to the virtual reality on a steam engine? (No Future: Vezeme děti na parním stroji do virtuální reality?). Since July 2020, he has been the director of the Prague Innovation Institute. Bob also works as an advisor to Jiří Drahoš, and he is a member of the board of the University of Economics and Management. He also serves as a spokesman for the Czech Elves (Čeští elfové), a civic group dealing with disinformation, and is behind the Nelež campaign. In his previous job – in the EDUin think tank – he created a concept of the Audit of the Czech Educational System. He is also a co-founder of the KoroNERV-20 platform. Bob has collaborated with organizations such as Aspen Institute CE, DOX, and others. He received his doctorate from the Media Institute of the Faculty of Social Studies, Charles University in Prague. In 2019, he was awarded a small bronze medal by Masaryk University.

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