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Cash Reader

Cash Reader

Cash Reader can identify banknote value for almost every currency globally (100 currencies as of now). The user points the phone's camera at the banknote, and our app will announce the denomination, either through speech or vibration patterns. Feeling the banknote value by series of vibrations instead of hearing it aloud is very convenient and more secure in public places and is an essential feature for deaf-blind people.
Our identification technology can reliably recognize banknotes even from a small portion shown to the phone's camera from any distance, angle, or light conditions.

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Top 3 Challenges


We created unique money identification technology built upon a neural network trained on 8+ million photos of 100+ currencies. Therefore, any project can easily integrate our money reading for their use cases. Therefore, we are actively searching for collaboration with other companies.


Cash Reader mobile app is available worldwide on iOS and Android. We want to reach every visually impaired person who might benefit from using our app and become independent with using money.

Finding Patrons

We want to offer money identification free of charge to the visually impaired all around the world. This can be achieved by individuals who could become patrons of a particular currency or company sponsors. For example, we already have one bank as a sponsor of the Czech crown, which can be identified by anyone free of charge.


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