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Starting on June-22 at 02:00PM

Moonshot by Aspen CE

The Future of Civil Service

Moonshot by Aspen CE brings the second interactive conference entitled The Future of Civil Service. In two panels focused on Leadership and Talent Development in Civil Service and Ability of Civil Service to Deliver the leaders and drivers of change will focus on the long-term need to increase the efficiency of state administration and its adaptability to current challenges


To be ready for the challenges of the 21st century, the Czech civil service will have to deal with unprecedentedly complex challenges. These include, for example, digitalization, a change in the structure of the economy and the necessary investment and retraining of employees, or an aging population and increasing inequalities. Moreover, the attitude of citizens and businesses, which are most influenced by political decisions, should also change. People should have an active approach and demand personalized, simplified, or automated services.




Leadership and Talent Development in Civil Service

Ability of Civil Service to Deliver

Special Features

Essential 100

In the second chamber of the livestream we are inviting 100 experts and leaders whose work has a significant impact on the systemic change that we are fighting for to participate throughout the program.


Unbelievable story of challenge and proof of concept overcome by strength, justice, empowerment, intelligence, integrity, progress and/or faith.



We invite master practitioners from all areas of business, social science and technology to educate our audience and provide it with actionable tools and frameworks that can impact their organizations.


Each speaker presents company, product, government, or institution coming up 
with solutions for sustainable future ready to be scaled.



Everyone gets a voice and we encourage you to ask questions, vote in live polling and comment and help us to steer the ideation in the right direction.


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