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IMPACT is designed to give young people the time, support, guidance, and expertise to be change agents long before they leave secondary school, empowered and capable of creating a safer, kinder, and sustainable future. IMPACT is education reimagined utilizing a combination of online accredited course and credit programs with future-focused experience where 75% of the learning comes from true engagement through personalized and collaborative experiences, skills, and strategies now and for the future. 

IMPACT can be adopted in five ways:
1. A complete IMPACT curriculum in a new or existing school. 
2. One day a week in a condensed program like an Impact Wednesday. 
3. Integrated within specific classes or subjects or when planning project-based learning activities. 
4. As part of a more rigorous and relevant homeschool program. 
5. An independent cohort facilitated by a trained Impact Guide. 

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Top 3 Challenges

Proof of Concept


Creating and Sustaining a Sense of Urgency

All other business sectors are built on innovation, disruption, and iterations.  Education as we know it is the same as it’s been for over a century. Waiting for everyone in a school or district to be on the same page or ready for change isn’t working.  We need to boldly shift our concept of education.


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