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Karel Kovář (Kovy)



Karel Kovář is one of the most prominent representatives of the Czech YouTube scene and given his more than 840,000 subscribers he has long been followed by an audience broader than just children. In his videos, he discusses societal topics, politics, financial literacy, privacy and social media. Last year, Forbes magazine ranked him among the 30 most influential Czechs on social media. In the past, he moderated the discussion program In the Center (V centru), the benefit concert Light for the Firefly (Světlo pro Světlušku) or interviewed former European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker for Euronews television. He has danced in the program Stardance and created a documentary probe for Czech Television for Czech teaching of modern history "Kovy řeší dějiny" together with Ivo Bystřičan. He records the podcast Linka with Tereza Salte and is also the author of the autobiographical bestseller OVŠEM and the young adult fiction iPohádka.

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