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Lukáš Němec

Consultant for lifelong learning, ČMKOS


Lukáš Němec studied political theory and contemporary history at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Nevertheless, his first permanent work experience was far from theory and history - for almost five years, he worked as an assistant teacher for children with an autism spectrum disorder. In 2014, he exchanged helping young people for helping adults. For four years, he was the coordinator of the MEDEVAC program, the health-humanitarian program of the government of the Czech Republic. The Middle East has become almost his new home. After his "burnout," he went to cool his head in Siberia. Since 2019, he has been fully dedicated to the topic of skills in the environment of Czech trade unions. He believes that skills and their continuous development are what will decide the nature of our future.

Speaker at Moonshot by Aspen CE


Starting on March 23 at 02:00PM CET

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