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Starting on March-23 at 02:00PM

Moonshot by Aspen CE


This new interactive virtual conference on the Future of Education will supply examples of outstanding practices. A diverse lineup of experts from the government, business and non-profit sectors will provide unique insight into the topics discussed.





Educational Leadership

School principals faced a heavy administrative burden and complicated communication with educational authorities, state authorities and parents. They also need a middle link in school management that would allow them to spend more time on educational leadership. International studies have shown that the Czech school system does not devote sufficient resources to educational leadership, yet it is one of the essential activities of school principals as it has a significant impact on the quality of teaching and the educational outcomes of schools.


Upskilling means lifelong learning in order to retain employees and create new jobs in a dynamically evolving global environment. The need for lifelong learning is often downplayed, even though it is absolutely critical to the Czech economy and its ability to compete long-term. In order to remain competitive on the job market, we need soft skills as much as technical and digital knowledge.

Special Features

Essential 100

In the second chamber of the livestream we are inviting 100 experts and leaders whose work has a significant impact on the systemic change that we are fighting for to participate throughout the program.


Unbelievable story of challenge and proof of concept overcome by strength, justice, empowerment, intelligence, integrity, progress and/or faith.



We invite master practitioners from all areas of business, social science and technology to educate our audience and provide it with actionable tools and frameworks that can impact their organizations.


Each speaker presents company, product, government, or institution coming up 
with solutions for sustainable future ready to be scaled.



Everyone gets a voice and we encourage you to ask questions, vote in live polling and comment and help us to steer the ideation in the right direction.


Fighting Inequalities

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