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Tijiko is an award winning platform that gives you access to expert educators from all over the world who provide advice personalized for you – your tastes, your goals, your story. Through personalized, real-time coaching, Tijiko creates connections that empower people to look and feel their best through categories like life coaching, childhood education, cooking, and beauty. We have a global community of coaches who are passionate, creative, and experts in what they do. They’re micro-entrepreneurs, and Tijiko gives them a platform to bring their expertise to you – no matter where you are in the world.

All of us at Tijiko believe great educators can come from anywhere in the world. We believe that authentic experiences can humanize technology. This is why our founder and CEO, Angela Guzman, created this platform. Angela is best known for designing many of the applications we find on the iPhone and Mac interfaces, the Google Assistant, and even bringing joy through her contributions on the original set of Apple’s emojis. She is also a Latina (born in Colombia), and knows first hand the value of authentic cultural experiences and the beauty they can offer the world. Therefore our platform is designed by the best in the industry with first hand knowledge blending rich cultural moments with technology, topped with a keen eye for empathy, diversity, and equality. Our promise is to humanize technology by authentically connecting people from anywhere in the world.

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