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Learn with Socrates

Learn with Socrates

Learn with Socrates personalizes learning in real-time, adjusting to the needs of any student on any content.  Through our real-time, continuous assessment, we challenge each child to progress across over 3000 topics of knowledge, helping them where they are struggling and progressing them where they are doing well.  Our "learn to earn" gamification approach rewards students for their hard work through earning tickets, which can be used for exciting games and rewards.  Our reporting provides actionable data to educators and parents and allows teachers to assign topics, tests, and build lesson plans, all with automatic grading.  

Even before the pandemic, education was challenged with an equality gap.  The pandemic has made this issue more urgent then ever before as children's ability to learn was influenced by their access to internet, devices, and help from parents.  Learn with Socrates is the perfect tool to meet this challenge and help bring personalized education to every child.

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