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Innaugural Moonshot Conference supported by:
The Kadens Family Foundation

Moonshot Conference
The Future of Education

Moonshot conferences are not typical virtual business conferences with CEOs providing generic 'we can do better' statements. These conferences have an actual impact - leaders pledged over 23mio USD to accelerate impact, 3000 Moonshotters entered the community, and over 100 founders submitted their projects. We are showcasing solutions, promoting change-makers, and generating resources - all to tackle the grand challenges of the 21st Century.

Streaming from Washington D.C. we opened with the inaugural virtual Moonshot Conference focusing on Equity last year. Series of conferences Moonshot by Aspen CE discussing Future of Education & Future of Civil Services followed streamed from Prague. 

In July an extraordinary panel of speakers shared with us what should be done to improve the Access to Quality Education & Advancement of Youth Mental Health in the USA at the Moonshot Conference - The Future of Education. 

We have recorded all of the debates for you to hear the solutions, to get inspired, and shoot for the Moon with us! 



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